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A Keyshot Render of Senjo - A mini Washing machine

Woxsen School of Arts and Design


Senjo is a new-age washing machine for small spaces like hostels and dorm rooms, where space is limited, washing machine availability is scarce, and a limitation on electricity usage.

It utilizes a new way of washing clothes, In a ball, which spins your clothes around in all directions, making the cleaning process compact, portable and human-powered.


User study
CAD modeling
3D visualization


pen and paper
Premier Pro

Tired of hand washing clothes?

5 Billion people still hand wash clothes (Hans Rosling,2010), using upwards of 70L of water per load. And many of these are students, hostelers, and temporary residents, with no or limited access to a full blown washer. 

But first, lets understand how clothes are washed in a washing machine. And what users are having to deal with and what are they looking for.

Washing inside a Football.

Existing compact washing machines are too complex, and run on electricity (Many hostels don't allow this), and their form and general place where they are used, made them susceptible to collecting dirt, employing makeshift solutions to problems that further lead to soiling their surroundings. 

Senjo rethinks, washing by introducing a spherical drum that moves in 360 degrees, instead of just the 180 degrees as the normal washers, which increases efficiency, while making it compact. This movement increases friction, and inertia on the clothes, making it easier and faster to wash clothes. 


A simple solution to a hosteler's laundry problem, just toss your clothes in the ball, place the ball inside Senjo, and paddle away all while working on your projects, and let your legs do the magic. The form is designed specifically smooth so as to not collect gunk, easy to pick up and store in a corner when not in use. with a dedicated drain hole, don't worry about spilling water everywhere in your room, just pick the ball and empty it in the sink. 

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