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SCAD Startup - 1 week Design Sprint


Assistive smart skincare device tailored made for assisting men to understand, educate and care for their skin, breaking social stigma's surrounding this market, and also catering to the laziness and lack of awareness that lies within men's skincare.

My Role

Team lead
CAD modeling
3D visualization

Tools Used

pen and paper
After effects

My Team 


Industrial Design, UX Research, Branding, UIUX Design

Men's Products

Is Men's Grooming only hair-care?

The men's grooming market is mostly centered around hair and beard care, with emerging interest in deodorants and face/body wash. However, skincare for men remains less explored due to limited knowledge, motivation, and social stigma, hindering men from adopting a healthy skincare routine.

"How might we leverage the power of technology to create a personalized and empowering skincare experience for men's grooming market, revolutionizing the way they approach skincare?"

Men's Grooming

Introducing Qrio

Qrio Skincare

Qrio acts like your loved who likes for you to have a soft and supple skin. It examines your skin in the morning, analyses the day ahead, all the tentative weather conditions and automatically dispenses the right amount of all the lotions you would require to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.  

Skincare Tailored
iPhone 13 Pro.png

Understanding you

Qrio's algorithm swiftly analyzes your skin, including wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots. It also considers your daily plans and weather data to create a personalized lotion blend for optimal skincare.

for you

Through meticulous scrutiny of your skin's diverse characteristics and a comprehensive review of your daily routine, Qrio adeptly discerns the specific lotions requisite for the day, precisely calculating the requisite volumes. This innovative approach streamlines your skincare regimen by eliminating the need to search through underused lotion bottles in your cabinet.

Qrio dasboard

Hassel Free 

Qrio simplifies skincare by dispensing various lotions through a fine mesh, eliminating concerns about product variety from different brands, quantities, and bottle locations within your cupboards. It serves as a comprehensive solution for all your skincare needs. Qrio streamlines men's grooming, supplying essential nutrients for a comprehensive skincare routine.

Travel with glowing skin

Qrio enhances your travel experience by providing compact, travel-friendly quantities of lotion tailored to your destination. Its removable top dispense tray ensures seamless packing in any bag, allowing you to carry more of what you need without the bulk of large lotion bottles

gymbag copy.png
iPhone 14 Pro on a Plane Mockup (Mockuuups Studio).png


Qrio employs intelligent learning algorithms to anticipate your future lotion needs. As it approaches depletion, it presents you with a selection of replacement options that can be seamlessly interchanged, ensuring uninterrupted skincare continuity.

Rush hour Grooming

During peak rush hours, expedite your skincare routine effortlessly. Through the dedicated app or the integrated physical button on the product, dispense a standardized quantity of various lotions. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to search for individual lotion bottles and manually extract cream, thereby optimizing your time management.


Magnetic lid




Aim of Qrio was to provide a comprehensive skincare solution for men, trying to get rid of common demotivators like buying different lotions, applying all of them one after the other, and even finding the time to understand what each lotion does, Qrio tries to alleviate these concerns by providing a solution that acts as your loved one taking care of you.

The Process

How did we get here?

Understanding Men's Skincare

The research kicked off with some fieldwork in the form of understanding the theme "Embracing the unorthodox" and discussing what unorthodox meant to people. 

The outdated stigma surrounding men's skincare limits access to products and resources, leading to a gap in the market for men's grooming solutions. Despite growing interest, many men still feel embarrassed to seek help or purchase skincare products, leading to inadequate solutions or neglecting skincare altogether. Breaking down this stigma would provide more men with the resources and products they need for healthy and well-groomed skin.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork
Competitive Analysis

The oppurtunity

Men's skincare products should offer accessible and effective solutions to address their unique grooming needs, all while challenging outdated stigmas surrounding men's grooming.

The Audience

Targeting young adult men who value grooming but encounter constraints like time, budget, and knowledge.

The Market

Global men's grooming market was worth around USD 60 billion in 2019, with a projected growth to USD 78 billion by 2027, as per multiple market research reports.

The Risk

Creating a men's grooming gadget involves risks including competition, consumer acceptance, technology constraints, supply chain issues, regulations, and marketing challenges.

7 Days to Finals


Skincare Research

the skincare market has grown significantly over the years and is not limited to women anymore. Men are also becoming more conscious of their skin and the importance of taking care of it.


However, despite the growth of the market, men still feel that skincare is feminine and is associated with societal stereotypes. This is a major concern as it can hinder the growth of the skincare market and prevent men from taking care of their skin. Our findings highlight the need for education and awareness campaigns that will help dispel the myth that skincare is only for women and help men understand the importance of taking care of their skin.

UX Research Plan & Knowledge Board

According to Statista, South Korea has one of the largest men's grooming markets in the world, however, only a small percentage of men use skincare products daily (3.9%) and only a slightly larger percentage use them occasionally (16%).

This lack of usage can be attributed to a few key factors. Firstly, many men's skincare products are one-size-fits-all and do not consider the individual needs of each person's skin, leaving men uncertain about product usage. Secondly, many men struggle to establish a consistent grooming routine, either due to a lack of motivation or perceived need.


3.9% men use skin

products daily

16% men use products occasionally

43% use only one product

5 Days to Finals

How can the perception of skincare be shifted among men so that they view it as a necessary aspect of basic hygiene, rather than a luxury or feminine practice?

The team gathered numerous data points and insights which resulted in the creation of several fast sketches. These sketches were then evaluated by the team using multiple criteria, and the final four ideas were further explored by conducting a survey with users, where they were asked to rank each idea. The results helped to identify which idea stood out the most.



3 Days to Finals


Rapid Prototyping

After thorough research, ideation and refinement, we finally narrowed down our options and chose one design concept to bring to life. This marked an exciting milestone in the design process, as we transitioned from the conceptual stage to the prototyping stage.

To create the prototype physical and digital prototypes, we utilized techniques such as foam modelling, 3d modelling, 3d printing. This allowed us to not only see how the design would look and function but also to test it for usability and make any necessary changes before moving forward with production.

Throughout the prototyping process, we continually iterated and refined the design based on feedback from stakeholders, ensuring that it met all of the project requirements and was visually appealing, functional and user-friendly.

Prototyping and Sketching

1 Days to Finals


The next step was developing the app, I focused on creating a seamless user experience for the customers. The goal was to make it easy for the users to scan their faces and get an accurate understanding of their skin type.

I created the user flow, which involves the steps a user would take to use the app and interact with the physical product. I made sure that the flow was simple, intuitive and straightforward so that even someone who is new to the app can use it easily.

After that, I started working on the wireframes of the app. The wireframes are essentially the visual representation of the user flow, but with more details and visual aids. 

Skincare on your fingertips
Stock Up
Design Delivery

Digital screens made by Rutuja, Madhurika, and Sakshi


Skincare Tailored


Scan face: The user scans their face using the product's camera and the app analyzes their skin type.

Qrio dasboard


Connect the physical product to the app: The physical product is connected to the app.


Dispense cream: Based on the analysis, the physical product dispenses the correct cream for the user's skin type.

Our commitment to skincare on-the-go and eco-friendly replaceable cartridges sets us apart and positions us at the forefront of the skincare revolution.



Branding Work done by Anushka

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