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First look at Fredda - A personal Air-cooler

Voltas - A TATA company


Fredda is a compact cooler, aimed to only cool you and your immediate surrounding, not affecting the whole room without taking up a lot of space, or needing to be maintained and cleaned constantly. It aims for a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to large air-conditioners, but on your desk. 

Instead of replacing your Air-conditioner as many compact air coolers claim, It aims to replace your table fan.


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Cooling just got cooler. 

The pandemic shed light on an unseen part of the market "a personal cooler", Something that can be taken wherever you go, In the gym, on public transport, or in areas that don't have air conditioning. Fredda uses the Peltier technology to cool down only you, and your surrounding, cutting down the usage of big and expensive air conditioners all the time. 


Fredda is an easy-to-use air conditioner, with a simple dial that not only controls the amount of cooling but doubles as a power switch. the surfacing of Fredda is also such that, it promotes the dissipation of heat created by the Peltier element, through an increase in surface area. And the fairly compact form and a firm handle that affords it to be carried wherever you go!

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